…and as soon as I thought I had recovered from the impacts of months of medication, just when I thought my clarity had returned, I found myself struggling with new challenges. I needed a cure for my cure! Success can be like that too sometimes. Things take off in one part of your life in ways that draw you in further and zap energy from other things that matter too.

I didn’t go back to Western medicine though. I was incredibly happy for the relief I’d gotten, but something in me didn’t feel that more of the same would be the solution to this new situation. I was pleased to get exactly the relief and results I needed with a simple remedy, used with consistency. Sometimes simple but consistent is just what the body needs so it can naturally restore balance and realign. Likewise, simple but consistent can be just what your heart’s desire needs as well – again, to restore, harmonize and realign.

Do you remember that “one day I’ll get to it” project that never lets itself be forgotten, but can’t seem to get itself done…and yes, that other idea that would be a game changer “if – you – just – had – time.” These are exactly the kind of completions we each deserve as we go all in on external accountabilities but find our promises to ourselves going unkept, undone. Isn’t that unacceptable? You deserve to give yourself your best too, and this is why I’m offering CLARITY FOCUS FLOW as an online coaching program that brings simple, but consistent attention to that special goal that matters most to you. We’ll take it on together, and you’ll get real results.

Visit Compositions Online Campus to Register. The next session starts Monday, April 23, and I would love to have you be a part of it.

I got knocked down, but not knocked out. So let’s get back up and get on with the business of having fun and getting stuff done!

Journey Well My Friend~

Success with Joy,



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