Not Doing Jazz Fest

Once a year I go home to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. I spend two weekends with my Jazz Fest family. But unlike the half million people who line up for the food and fan out for the music, I’m there for the experience of being with the folks behind the scenes who make the event happen. For me, it’s an annual retreat to a place where I’m known and appreciated, and I get to contribute to people having an amazing time.

I spend most of those 10-hour workdays doing something that’s as integral to my work with leaders and organizations as anything could be – listening. Mostly I listen and monitor radio channels for stage managers, backstage managers and logistics teams. Do they have what they need? If not, how quickly can we get them what’s needed? I don’t actually DO anything, and I’ll say more about this in a minute. Instead, I’m part of a team that listens to leaders of teams, each doing their part to make an amazing event run smoothly.

It’s a space of almost immediate satisfaction when we hear the first beats of a new set on a nearby stage or see the live video feed go from standby ads for t-shirts, posters and souvenirs to Sting’s intimate performance for tens of thousands or Anita Baker being overwhelmed by the love and support of her overflowing field of fans. I find joy in not doing  the Jazz Fest. Listening and connecting people inspire me. When our team does that, and producers, agents, artists, drivers, builders, set designers, craftsmen, culture bearers, chefs, sound engineers, camera operators, music fans, food fanatics…I know you get the picture. When you and I get to focus on what inspires us, we each get filled up “with the joy of living.”

Universal Law

So this brings me to the Law of Inspired Action and its better-known counterpart, the Law of Attraction. While the Law of Attraction is the magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together (attracting thoughts, ideas, people and situations), it’s most effective when it’s used in harmony with the Law of Inspired Action. This law says there may be several actions that you think you could take, but one of them is what you’re most drawn to. It’s the thing you really “feel like” doing or have the least resistance to doing. Do it. It’s the action with which you’re most in alignment. This is the Tao, the path, of nondoing. You do less and less until the point when nothing is done, nothing is left undone.

Align your thoughts, words, emotions and actions for the fulfillment of your intention, and then move in the flow of the energy with which you’re aligned. This way, you experience success with ease.

Internal Alignment + Attraction + Inspired Action = Your Natural Flow of Success

What could you “not do” that would make all the difference? What are you inspired to do right now?

Get clear about it and focus on it, drawing in the people and resources you need – and be drawn to those who need you too. Then do what inspires you!

Journey Well, My Friend.

Success with Joy,

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