Though there is a seeming competition to be the best, or to be better than the next person, the real deal is that your only authentic competition is the divine potential of who you are now, measured against the fulfillment of your life’s expression, that is to say, the long-term fulfillment of your destiny through moment-by-moment fulfillment of your intention in cooperation with others for the best and highest good of all involved.

I’ve learned that I’m never competing with anyone; I’m only-ever-always on my own journey. How far I get, versus how far I could get is the only comparison to measure. This is not about narcissism, but it is about having the freedom to be passionate in planning and pursuing what matters AND being free to celebrate others’ success as much as my own. We can each be this way when we’re clear there’s no threat to us, no limitation for us when others succeed. It’s true that we can’t have the same something that another got if it’s one opportunity that’s wanted by many, and what’s also true is that when the one opportunity comes and goes we can move in search of another, even if it’s from a different source, or best of all, be willing to receive from an unknown or unexpected source. I promise you it happens every day.

Likewise, you never have to suppress your fabulosity or brilliance or joy. There is so much work to be done in this world that we need each other to show up as cutting-edge creations or at least our personal best. When your colleague shows up and shines, consider saying, “Thank you – on behalf of the universe!” And in those times when you know you did the doggone thing and nobody praised you up appropriately, I invite you to stand in front of the mirror or sit at your desk and say whatever words your soul needs said. You deserve it. I’ve been known to write myself a letter or two or three.

Whether you light a candle, stand in the sun, or focus on your inner flame, SHINE YOUR LIGHT – of acknowledgement, clarity, honesty, and compassion – as you measure the distance between where you are now and the ground there is to take in fulfilling your intentions and cooperating with others for the best and highest good of all involved.

Journey Well, My Friend!

Success with Joy,


I’ve been thinking about the power we harness when we grant ourselves permission to dream. As we celebrate the life and Civil Rights legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it’s a fitting matter — understanding that we each have, as a matter of birthright, permission to dream a reality different than the one in which we find ourselves. Our capacity to dream is one we can expand regardless of our circumstances.

In our current times it’s powerful to see the collective work of manifestation holding ground, regaining lost ground and in some instances taking new ground for the betterment of the most vulnerable and for our greater good. In our public discourse and public policies we’re seeing new realities come into view. We need every victory, as each success seems to be overshadowed by multiple negative news flashes and enraging injustices. We need more dreamers, achievers and change makers, and it all starts with the desire for good, the vision of what could be, the dream we dare to share.

We also know that big dreams aren’t limited to social change; they’re for each of us in our own right. The vision of what we want for ourselves allows us to see our desired circumstance even before its manifestation. I like to think of a cascade of envisioning what I want, believing what I “see,” and allowing myself to feel and experience fulfillment even while it’s only a visioning of the desired outcome. Some of my best inspiration for action has come in a moment when I’ve sat quietly with the vision and allowed myself to imagine that my dream has already come true. It’s so important because for sure, when I don’t take time for visioning, I end up thinking more about what could go wrong or the reasons things won’t happen the way I want. When I take time to envision my dream fulfilled, I still have the opportunity to benefit from the value of assessing risks, so that I plan and act strategically. But when I take time to vision, as I sit down to plan, I’m excited and preparing with the energy of that enthusiasm. And as I’ve planned and prepared, I can take that enthusiasm into sharing with trusted dream-holders, and that’s when the synergy begins.

You and I need and deserve trusted dream-holders who believe in us and help us along. Among our heroes are those who encourage us when we reach the end of our courage, those who remind us of our why when we get distracted by the “what-the-what?” along the way.

What dreams are you manifesting? What dreams are you holding for others? Keep on dreaming. Keep on holding vision. Keep on holding space for the dreamers and achievers. Keep transforming life and changing our world for good.

Journey Well, My Friend!

Success with Joy,



We’re one week into the New Year, and one week this side of the year’s first full moon! Folks have been letting go of old ways, making way for the new, and feeling the first ripples of the year. We’re moving with the cycles of nature, the cycles of our faith traditions, and into the cycles of our workflow. Whether it’s winter crops or playoffs, everyone has something seasonal front of mind. Here in New Orleans we’re also moving with the seasons of our tremendous food culture and dancing in the energy of our traditions.

Envision yourself holding space within each cycle, a measured spin and spiral through time, building a centrifugal force of  expression and connection that allows each of us to sustain our love, to fuel our own expression, and to expand the passion of our life’s work. We’re doing it all!

I’ve got a vision board that’s off the energy charts, and I’m so excited about what I have in store for you and me both. I’m also leaving space for “something better” as in, “Please allow me to accept (by grace), create (by action), give (because when I want for myself, I want your equivalent for you) or attract (‘cause you and I are magnetic like that) THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER.”

“I am willing and ready to accept, create, give and attract this or something better.”

So what’s your pace this year? What’s the feeling you most want for yourself and those in your orbit? I loved the responses to last week’s post – THANK YOU! I look forward to hearing more.

When we’re in our wisdom we remember that the most important path for each of us is our own. When we’re solidly on our path and purpose, we intersect with the right people at the right time to do the right work and even to have our favorite brand of fun – yes, that too! So let’s remember that our flow may look different than our family member’s or our best friend’s or our colleague’s. What matters is that you find YOUR FLOW and honor it with gratitude in word and deed.

Let’s Journey Well, My Friend!

Success with Joy,



As we close the chapter on one year and open the page to another, this is an excellent time to release and refine. And I really mean let it all go in a way that sets you free to do even the great things at an even higher level. When I look at my accomplishments I see aspects that could have been greater. So while I celebrate success, I also choose not to be limited by it as I go forward to take on future opportunities. When I account for my shortfalls I’m clear they don’t define me. They speak clearly of my results in a given instance, but they are not the sum of who I am or what I contribute. The same is true for each of us. The same is true for you.

As you take stock of your results this year, I invite you to also look at how you made the journey. When you “did the doggone thing” did you do it through confident action, struggle and strain or a healthy combination that allowed for your growth? Did you pause for acknowledgement and celebration…of yourself and others? Did you pause for learning and reflection…and did you carry your learning forward?

With all our reflection, we get to release old habits and conversations. We get to choose and practice new habits and speak clearly and confidently about what we’re creating next. It’s a time to refine the way we walk this journey of living.

I thank you for all the ways you’ve supported my journey this year, and I thank you for giving me the chance to support yours in kind.

If you won big this year – congratulations! My soul dances in your honor and with barefoot abandon.

If you struggled this year – congratulations – your track record for getting through tough times is 100%! However you did it…you did it. I know that wherever I struggled, I’m looking at what was a matter of my own choices and actions and what was beyond my control. I’m forgiving others and myself, and I’m ready to move forward.

If you flat out lost – know that all that is intended for you will be restored through right mind and right action or simply as a matter of grace. Be ready and willing for either or both.

Finally, if you look back and see that you worked hard, you planted seeds of new conversations and new projects, you nurtured them along, and you have yet to see the harvest, I celebrate and acknowledge you. You got things in motion! So many good ideas never make it to action. You’re already ahead, and I hope you have whatever is needed (patience, persistence, partnership, creativity, resources, wisdom and really whatever is needed) to see your initiative blossom and bear fruit in abundance.

Success with Joy,