…so it was 3-D and Hi-D, and I was on the edge of my seat! I had a blast in the mid-day matinee of the Black Panther movie. I’m still unpacking the levels of message, but this post is about 5 superpowers we can call forth from the lessons of the panther. While I’m referencing the movie, I’m also referring to the medicine, message and magic of the panther as a totem, a symbol of rebirth across time and cultures, and how we can use these superpowers in our work and success.

1. Legacy – Remember what got you here. In those times when it may seem that a challenge is insurmountable, remember [re-member]. Reassemble in your thinking and recall in your understanding your true identity as a real-time expression of generations of accomplishment, achievement and contribution.

2. Tradition – Honor the culture that created your leadership and your service by continuing to observe key traditions. This is how we stay rooted and ready!

3. Innovation – Be willing to learn and work in new ways and with new tools. There has already been an inventor like you, with your circumstances, background and resources. I promise it’s true. So I say you could be an inventor too. At the very least, you and I can invent a new way of viewing an old problem and be open to new solutions and expanded creativity. At the very least, we can each be willing.

4. Courage – Accept a big challenge if you want to make a big impact. Have the courage to take at least one action, and then another. Have the courage to trust others, and the courage to make corrections.

5. Complexity – Cultivate the fullness of your spirit and humanity and bring your whole self to meet the demands of the day. Understand that your perspective may be only one of a necessary convergence of views and strategies that each contribute to the transformation of complex conditions. This is the science of co-creation, the act of collaboration, the art of composition.

Stay rooted; stay ready; and journey well my friends!

Success with Joy,


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