Not just a better lifestyle – A Better Life

Sometimes even heroes need a hero.

That’s why I created The Harmony Index. After looking around the sector, I saw so many leaders suffering while they made heroic efforts in doing what they do. I know what it’s like – I had to step away and be my own hero. From my own experience, I know that we all deserve to have joy and success all along the leadership journey. Without it, we become too worn out to celebrate success! This is why I do what I do in the ways that I do:

I add clarity to the way individuals see themselves and others so they can relate in more meaningful ways as they work to produce previously unthought-of results.

If you want to connect on a deeper level, I offer exclusive one-on-one coaching in a system for life design. We create your customized blueprint for success on your own terms; we map out your plan for practice in mastery; and we take on the real work and play of what it takes to design your life to fulfill your unique destiny. This is only for you if you want success on your whole journey, not just at the goal mark, and beyond your professional accountability.

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Hear what my clients say. Many thanks to Asante Salaam and Dr. Roxanne Franklin, who joined me for an interview with Monique Chapman on “Get Over It!”