Hi, I’m Kysha Brown, and I’m here to help you on your journey to success. I’m talking about results that have become a REALITY for the leaders and change makers I’ve been fortunate to serve – Civic Leaders, Executive Directors and Grant Makers – some whose work you’ll surely recognize. 

For many leaders, our work is both professional and personal. You get things done, but the journey from here to there is so taxing that you wonder if the personal cost is really worth the professional success.

Sometimes we can all put our energy behind getting a team through the challenges of making decisions and plans. But again, it’s not just the tough choices or the strategic direction, it’s also how we honor the contributions of every person involved in the process. I’d welcome a chance to help you get the results you want. Let’s schedule a call.

What would your partnerships, relationships, and experiences feel like if your teams had more impact, mutual respect, openness of communication, accountability, and support you could count on?

I facilitate strategic planning through meaningful interaction to support groups in achieving new results. Let me help you chart your course and set you up to stay on track. With more than 15 years experience in community development and collaborative strategies, I also work with civic and neighborhood leaders to plan projects to scale and implement citywide initiatives. Schedule a planning consult today.