‘ayo’ Kysha Brown is a synergizer and principal of Compositions Coaching and Consulting.  A planner, coach, and an asset on complex initiatives, Kysha is sought-after for local, national and international projects. As a writer, she is a broadly anthologized poet, author of the collection, Spherical Woman and co-editor of the anthology, Fertile Ground – Memories & Visions (Runagate Press, 2006 and 1996 respectively).

Certified Alignment Coach

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Her specialities are group facilitation and collaborative development, and she is especially equipped to lead in the virtual environment. Kysha has served as a consultant on statewide initiatives with the Urban League of Louisiana. She provided planning and organizational development support for the Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans. For eight years, she served as executive director of Central City Renaissance Alliance (CCRA) and facilitator of the Central City Collaborative. Her work in community development included creation of the Central City Framework and support for the Oretha Castle Haley Merchants and Business Association in their development of the Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard Urban Design Plan. She previously served as project coordinator of Making Connections New Orleans, a place-based initiative of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Robinson led with the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations as the first Regional Director of its New Orleans office, coordinating technical assistance, capacity building and member services for more than 300 organizations. Her work is highlighted by leadership development, creative expression and the strength of collaborative networks. We can do what needs to be done – and we can do even better together.


The Compositions Methodology is based in Appreciative Inquiry, Facilitative Leadership, and Collaboration for Impact. Our approach to organizational development and change focuses on individual and organizational strengths, seeking to understand and learn from our clients’ perspective, then to contribute our expertise as a co-construction. We use structured processes to engage all parties in decision-making so that our outcomes have the understanding, participation and alignment of those involved. We support teams in working together to build toward a shared agenda and accomplish a common mission.


When you work with me, I have guiding principles that I live and work by – my Culture Credo. This is the context from which I operate both personally and professionally. This is the experience I bring to partnerships and service today, tomorrow, and time after time.

I believe our greatest success is in the synergy of our collective contribution. I aim to be supportive and honoring, and I hold the space in which we can all be supported and honored. For the sake of balance, I believe it’s important to cultivate an environment of joy because most of the challenges we tackle together are quite serious. I think of it as Having Fun & Getting It Done. Many of us work long hours or all hours as a means of bringing harmony to our lives and our life’s work. When we can’t bring balance to the home hours to office hours equation, we can still bring harmony to our overall experience. For me, beauty is also integral to a harmonious experience. Whether it’s a pretty pen, my optical frames, or some small something, you’ll always find me with an implement of aesthetic inspiration. Finally, I declare that we are the ones with the courage and heart to take on the challenges of our time. For this, I bring my whole self.

If my principles align with yours, let’s talk about how we might work together.